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                    << Ceramic ball angular contact bearings >>
                    Product introduction

                    Angular contact ball bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads. Can work at higher speeds. The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. Ceramic ball angular contact bearings are made of GCr15 bearing steel or 440C stainless steel. The material of the cage is brass, synthetic resin, GRPA66-25, etc., according to the bearing form, use conditions and differentiation. The balls of ceramic ball angular contact bearings are made of ZrO2 or Si3N4. Angular contact bearings with ceramic balls have excellent characteristics such as resistance to higher speeds and prevention of ionisation of grease due to their light weight, self-lubricating properties and good insulating properties.

                    Type of structure

                    Zirconia ceramic bearings

                    Silicon nitride ceramic bearings

                    Composite ceramic material bearings

                    Product features

                    Can withstand both radial and axial loads.

                    Capable of working at higher speeds.

                    The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity, the lighter the weight, the self-lubricating properties and the good insulating properties.

                    Application areas

                    Single-row angular contact ball bearings: machine tool spindles, high-frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators, small car front wheels, differential pinion shafts
                    Double-row angular contact ball bearings: oil pumps, Roots blowers, air compressors, all kinds of transmissions, fuel injection pumps, printing machinery

                    Product List


                    1Bearings should be mounted in a dust-free, clean room. Bearings should be carefully selected and spacer rings for bearings should be ground, and the parallelism of the spacer rings should be controlled to less than 1um while keeping the inner and outer rings of the spacer rings equal in height.

                    2The bearings should be cleaned before installation. The inner ring should be cleaned with the slope facing upwards, with the hand feeling flexible and without stagnation.

                    3Bearings should be installed using special tools with even forces, and knocking is strictly prohibited to avoid ball stress.

                    4Bearings should be stored in a clean and ventilated environment, free of corrosive gases and with a relative humidity of no more than 65%, and should be regularly rust-proofed for long-term storage.


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