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                    << Ceramic ball deep groove ball bearings >>
                    Product introduction

                    Deep groove ball bearings 's simple structure, compared with other types of easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy, so easy to series mass production, manufacturing costs are also lower, the use of extremely common. The ball material of ceramic ball deep groove ball bearings is ZrO2 or Si3N4. Deep groove ball bearings with ceramic balls have excellent characteristics such as resistance to higher speeds and prevention of grease ionisation due to their light weight, self-lubricating properties and good insulating properties.

                    Feijie offers more than 400 different types of ceramic ball deep groove ball bearings (including bearing steel and stainless steel) for customers to choose from.

                    Type of structure

                    Zirconia ceramic bearings

                    Silicon nitride ceramic bearings

                    Composite ceramic material bearings

                    Product features

                    Capable of working at higher speeds

                    Light weight

                    Good self-lubricating and insulating properties

                    Application areas

                    Machine tool spindles, high-frequency motors, combustion turbines, centrifugal separators

                    Product List


                    1Keeping the bearings and their surroundings clean, even if the smiling dust invisible to the naked eye gets into the bearings, can increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearings.

                    2Use the installation carefully, do not allow strong stamping, do not allow direct hammering of the bearing, do not allow the transfer of pressure through the rolling body.

                    3Use suitable and accurate installation tools, use special tools where possible and strongly avoid the use of cloth and short fibres and the like.

                    4To prevent rusting of bearings, when picking up bearings directly by hand, fully wash away the sweat from your hands and coat them with high quality mineral oil before proceeding.


                    Adhering to the "customer requirements is the pursuit of Feijie, customer support is the foundation of feijie development" belief
                    It is the prerequisite for Cixi Feijie Bearing Co., Ltd. to stand in the domestic and foreign markets.

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